CS2 Trading Guide

Best CS2 Trading Sites 2024

Discover the best and most trusted CS2 trading sites on the market! Buy, sell, and trade CS2 skins efficiently with our trading guide!

Top CS2 Skin Trading Sites for 2024

CSGOEmpire.com - Trading Site


While CSGOEmpire is one of the best CS2 gambling sites out there, it's also a wonderful place for buying and selling CS2 skins! CSGOEmpire charges 0% fee, which is the lowest you will find anywhere! Deposit using cash or crypto, and withdraw your favorite CS2 skins!

Withdraw CS2 skins along with cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and USDT.

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SkinThunder - Trade Site


SkinThunder is a relatively new marketplace, but that doesn't stop it from being one of the best! They have implemented the wonderful P2P system, which means that you trade with other users in real-time!

Deposit using your credit or debit card, Skrill, or USDT (Cryptocurrency). Minimum deposit: $15.00.

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White.Market - CS2 Trading Platform


Another great P2P marketplace is White.Market! With more than 200k skins available, we bet that you will find something that you like.

On White.Market, you can deposit using your banking card (Visa, MasterCard), CS2 skins, or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or USDT. White.Market unfortunately only allows withdrawals in USDT.

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GamerPay - Secure Trading Site


GamerPay is one of the safest skin marketplaces. Being based in Denmark under high regulation makes this a super safe choice for a CS2 marketplace! GamerPay also uses the P2P model, which makes it possible to deal with users instantly and in real-time!

Deposit and withdraw using your bank account! Unfortunately, GamerPay does not offer any crypto deposits.

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Swap.GG - Trading Platform


One of the oldest CS2 trading platforms, Swap.GG, is definitely one of the best! Swap.GG allows you to trade skins to skins directly, sell skins instantly, or buy items from their marketplace.

You can deposit with a Credit Card or Cryptocurrencies. Withdraw using Payoneer or Stripe.

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Mannco.Store - CS2 Trading Site


Originally a TF2 trading platform (hence the name), Mannco.store is now also a CS2 trading site! Mannco.Store offers a great selection of CS2 skins and good deposit and withdrawal options.

Deposit with Crypto, Paypal, Credit Card, or Trustly! Cash out using Credit Card, Bank Transfer, PayPal, or E-check!

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Dmarket - P2P CS2 Trade Platform


Buying and selling, P2P marketplace, and trading bots - Dmarket offers a large variety of different trading options. Dmarket also offers TF2 and Dota 2 items.

Dmarket offers a ton of different deposit and withdrawal options! Deposit using crypto, bank cards, or G2A gift cards! Withdraw using Paypal, SEPA transfer, or Skrill!

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Tradeit.GG - CS2 Trade Service


Trade or buy skins directly using Tradeit.gg's fast and reliable trading services!

It's currently only possible to withdraw using CS2 skins; however, you can deposit using card or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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